Provenšal Aprons


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Coated Yellow Lavender Apron Coated Apron Orange Lemond Apron Beige Poppies Apron Coated Roses & Lavender Apron    
Coated Yellow fig Apron Coated Orange Cigale Apron Coated Yellow Grape Apron Coated Blue Poppies Apron Coated Blue Cigale Apron    
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100% Cotton Blue Olive Apron 100% Cotton Orange Lemon Apron 100% Cotton Red Fig Apron 100% Cotton Orange Olive Apron      
100% Cotton Cream Cassis Apron 100% Cotton Red Cassis Apron 100% Cotton Blue Lemon Apron 100% Cotton Yellow Cassis Apron      

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(Approx.) 24" x 32" Apron with Adjustable Straps

100 % Cotton  Machine wash in warm water.   

Qty:   Apron with Adjustable Straps Fabric Choice:
$29.90 each       

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