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 97" Long Oval & Rectoval Tablecloths for 8 Seatings

Blue Lemon

Rose & Lavender

Red Wheat Oilcloth

Blue Wheat

Rectoval Blue Lemon Tablecloth

Rectoval/Oval Tablecloth Rose & Lavender

Red Sunflower

Green Sunflower

Blue Grape

Taupe Olive Provencal

68" diameter Red Sunflower Tablecloth30%off

68" diameter Green Sunflower Tablecloth30%off

97" x 60" Rectoval Tablecloth 30%off French Round Tablecloth Taupe Olive

Cream Lavender

Yellow Lavender

Yellow Rose & Lavender  

French Provence RectOval Tablecloth Cream Lavender

French Provence RectOval Tablecloth Yellow Lavender

Rectoval/Oval Tablecloth Rose & Lavender  

Blue Cigale

Orange Cigale Yellow Cigale  
Rectoval Blue Cigale Tablecloth Rectoval Orange Cigale Tablecloth 68" diameter Yellow Cigale Tablecloth